Bondtek 220ml 30 Second Adhesive (White)
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Bondtek 220ml 30 Second Adhesive (White)
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Bondtek 220ml 30 Second Adhesive (White)

Great for any situation when you need something glued quickly & easily. Bondtek is the cost-effective go-to adhesive for all your fab needs. Sets fast, holds shape, no sag.

Made with VWT (Variable Work Time) formula:
Made with VWT (Variable Work Time) formula.
Our industry leading PLUSeries adhesives are 100% percent temperature stable, this means they gel and cure at the same rate no matter what the temperature. We have developed Bondtek to have the best of both worlds. Cooler a bit slower, warmer a bit faster, 70 degrees and it is just right! Store it in a warm place and speed it up, store it in a cool place and slow it down. It's up to you, how you want Bondtek to cure.

Environmental Health:
We eliminated the Proposition 65 chemicals! The net result is a product that is safer to use, and has less demanding regulatory requirements! This is a good thing!

Easy Selection:
Bondtek is sold in standard 50ml & 220ml sizes so your current PLUSeries dispensing guns and tips can be used. Black and white color choices.


  • Ships non-hazardous
  • No odor
  • Strong as PLUSeries after full cure
  • Prop 65 Free
  • Black and White colors
  • Easy release by adding heat
  • Cost effective
  • 50ml & 220ml sizes

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