Synthex™ 10" Scissors
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Synthex™ 10" Scissors
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Synthex™ is military grade technology. Synthex™ is easy to work with & non-toxic. No more itch. Synthex™ comes in 10' and 50' lengths and 5 sizes. Synthex™ - 10x the impact strength of traditional carbon fiber.
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Synthex™ 10" Scissors
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Synthex™ 10" Scissors

Cutting Synthex™ Fiber:
Because Synthex™ is such a tough and resilient fiber the use of a specially designed scissor results in the easiest cutting. These specifically ground scissors are available from Fabtech Systems. Only use the Synthex™ scissors on Synthex™ fiber and NOTHING else! Other fibers and materials will destroy the cutting edge.

The Next Evolution in Composite Fiber
Synthex™ composite fiber is a new and exciting fiber advancement from the technologically advanced ballistic industry. The military grade performance characteristics of Synthex™ fiber are perfectly balanced for use in Prosthetic & Orthotic composite applications.

Better Fatigue Strength
Synthex™ is a tough fiber! In fact it has 10 times the impact resistance over carbon with half the stiffness! What does this all mean? It means that your Prosthetic or Orthotic device is perfectly matched for the repetitive impact forces commonly generated during the ambulation cycle. Your Prosthetic or Orthotic device will not sustain micro fractures commonly associated with typical rigid fracture prone carbon and glass fiber sockets.

Durable and Controllable
Synthex™ designed composites are incredibly durable, and not brittle like carbon composites. Synthex™ is heat moldable. If you need to change it, just heat it up.

Higher Performance Laminates
Synthex™ fiber contains no sizing or glues. Because of this, Synthex™ lays down more uniformly and smoother than fibers like carbon and glass that utilize sizing. Synthex™ wets out fast and easy with all common resins during resin transfer, because of its high fiber interface and low void content. This translates into resin that sticks and air that does not get trapped easily. Synthex™ fibers are significantly lighter than carbon and glass fibers and lay down flatter during the lamination process. The net result is less ribbing in thin laminations.

Eliminates Composite Itch
Synthex™ greatly reduces the common composite itch when compared to carbon and glass fibers! Most users will tell you that it does not itch! You will also notice that your lab is cleaner, this is because Synthex™ does not “micro” fiber when being ground.

You Have a Choice
Synthex™ comes in white and black color configurations. Pigmenting a device is now a snap! And you use fewer materials!


  • -45+45 Braided Fiber Material
  • Perfect balance of performance for O&P applications
  • Cost effective
  • New advanced military grade ballistic fiber technology
  • Incredible durability 10x the impact strength of carbon
  • Fiber does not cause itching
  • Non-conductive
  • Heat modifiable
  • Available in Carbon Black and White colors
  • Pigments “Pop Out”
  • Use fewer materials in your laminations

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