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Fabtech CAD - 3D Scanning App

Unlock the 3d scanner that's in your pocket


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Limbair™ helps to:

  • Easilycapture scans of patient limbs, casts, or modified models using your iPhone
  • Send patient scans digitally
  • Skip the shipping process

Have you always wanted to use CAD in your practice, but the high costs of hardware and software kept you from getting started? 

Now imagine using the iPhone technology you already have in your pocket to be just a click away from our Lab and 20 years of CAD Fabrication expertise.

When using the Fabtech CAD app, high quality digital scans are EASY. Just point and shoot! The app is built to process work your way, with options to fit your needs. Easily capture scans of patient limbs, casts or modified models. The app stores all information, including surface markings, in the file. That means intended trim lines, sensitive areas and alignment can all be captured exactly the way you intend.

With shipping costs and supply problems rising, now is the best time to get incredible savings [time & money] and benefits [easy tech, information storage and accuracy] through Fabtech CAD.

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