Fabrication Services Overview

Fabtech Fabrication Services Overview

The Fabtech Central Fabrication Difference

We take pride in providing innovative solutions to the central fabrication of prosthetics and orthotics. Each job you send us comes with our pledge to place our clients first and is backed by unparalleled service. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships based on open communication, mutual understanding and trust.

“100% Quality Out The Door”
Mission Statement

Fabtech Systems manufacturing abides by an internal quality mission statement, that dictates “100% Quality Out The Door”. All of our employees are committed to satisfying 100% of our customer’s requirements by implementing and fully supporting our internal Quality System of Continuous Improvement. This process enables us to continually review, evaluate and modify our operations so that our abilities may be verified and improved.

We acknowledge and understand that building quality into every process and employee mindset will help us achieve our “100% Quality Out The Door” mission statement and meet our quality objectives of Reduction of Errors, On Time Shipments, and Customer Satisfaction.

We offer full range Prosthetic fabrication and fabricate specific Orthotic devices. We specialize in CAD-CAM services and traditional upper and lower Prosthetic fabrication.

Turn Around Times
We realize time is of the essence in most business situations, so Fabtech Systems’ turn-around times are fast to support your needs..

Fabtech Systems’ turn-around times are the fastest in the business!
The following turn-around times are based on working business days. Times do not include shipping time, weekends or holidays. These are general guidelines that may have to be modified if special order parts or incomplete instructions or information is given.

Leather AFO 4-days
AK/BK Test Sockets 1 day
AK Endoskeletal 2-3 days
AK Exoskeletal 5-7 days
BK Endoskeletal 2-3 days
BK Exoskeletal 3-5 days
Knee Disarticulation 3-4 days
Symes 3-4 days
Upper Extremity BE 3-5 days
Upper Extremity AE 3-7 days

Please Note:
Incomplete work orders, missing information or special order parts will delay delivery time.

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