Lean Manufacturing Consulting

Fabtech Systems practices lean principals

Fabtech Systems has been practicing and applying Lean principals in our business operations for the last seven years - both clinically and in manufacturing. We have trained with the following companies in Japan:

  • Toyota Home: Manufacturer of earthquake-proof homes through its unique steel frame structure
  • Toyota Takaoka Plant: Automobile manufacturing
  • Denso: A manufacturer of automobile instrumentation, heaters, robotics, etc.
  • NeoSys: A manufacturer of stock and custom restaurant equipment
  • Takagi: A manufacturer of garden hoses, nozzles, and other plastic products
  • Toyo Pneumatics: A manufacturer of pneumatic tools
  • Ricoh Unitechno: Development, design and manufacturing of office automation and related equipment
  • Toyota City Hall: A lean government organization
  • Toyota Engine (Takatana): One-line 7 custom vehicle engines
  • Omron: Large sensor maker (optic, infra red, motion)

We have a business association with Gemba Research - a multi-national consulting group that specializes in Lean Implementation.
Please see their website. www.gemba.com

We have worked with many companies in the O&P industry in the following areas:

Standardization of:

  • Process
  • Production management
  • Scheduling of office/practitioner/production
  • Fabrication device standardization
  • In-process quality control
  • Inventory management
  • Meeting structure
  • Standard work
  • Work cells
  • Tool management
  • Time management
  • Turn-around times

Lean Manufacturing Consulting and Training Classes

  • Visual Systems
  • All production
  • All inventories
  • Employee management
  • Production management

Work Flow

  • Production layout
  • Cell work flows
  • Office layout and work flow
  • Independent process layouts (5S-sort, straignten, sweep, standarize, self-discipline)

We currently offer a class in 5S Lean principles at our Mukilteo facility which is accredited by ABC for 7.5 CEUs. 5S is a process to ensure work areas are systematically kept clean and organized, ensuring employee safety and providing the foundation on which to build a lean system.

For more information about consulting and training, please call. We will be glad to send you information.