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Faster. Cleaner. Better.

Prosthetic and orthotic manufacturing requires, mixing resins and laminating devices as a daily occurrence. The traditional way of mixing resins involves pouring resin from the container to a mixing cup or cups, then weighing the resin on a scale and after the correct ratio is attained the resin is then mixed.

Most resin mixing areas are very sticky and messy due to the nature of the process and at times the gram scales used can be inaccurate due to daily abuse and resin spill contamination.

Fabtech Systems Meter Mixer offers a faster, cleaner and accurate way for you to meter your RESTECH+ Epoxy resin ratio every time!

  • Our resin pump meter mixing system has 1-gallon resin reservoirs for the A & B sides for a total of 2 gallons.
  • Keeps your mixing station clean and organized!
  • Made in USA
  • Accurately dispenses up to 3 quarts of unmixed 2-part RESTECH+ epoxy resin per minute.
  • All you have to do is mix the resin.
  • No more gram scale!


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