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Fabtech Systems distributes our own line of manufacturing technologies

Specialty Fabrication Products

We distribute our own line of manufacturing technologies - +PLUSeries Adhesives, S.A.F.E. Stuff, Restech Epoxy Lamination System, Carbon Fiber, Glass Braid and a complete line of Prosthetic Componentry and Central Fabrication Services featuring Tracer Cad - all designed to help us pass the savings on to you.

Check back with us often because we're continually working on innovative new products, materials and fabrication technologies.

+PLUSeries® Adhesives by Fabtech Systems

+PLUSeries® Adhesives by Fabtech Systems: Engineered To Exceed Your Expectations.

Fabtech Systems +PLUSERIES® 25, 60, 90 second and Composite structural adhesives are a versatile and fast two-part urethane system used for bonding and repairing plastics, composites, aluminum, steel, plaster and nearly anything you can think of commonly used in the O&P manufacturing process. Because it's a structural adhesive, it is incredibly stronger than brittle, fracture prone acrylics commonly used in our industry today. These urethanes are so strong you can even drill and tap them!

We're confident you'll never want to use smelly toxic acrylics again.

New technology at your finger tips

+PLUSERIES® Composite is a two-part black pigmented urethane adhesive designed for structural bonding of today's high performance composite sockets and bracing systems used in O&P. Combined at a 1:1 ratio like our other +PLUSeries® products, it has a working time of one minute and achieves full cure in 15 minutes at room temperature. As fast as our 60 Second products, our Composite adhesive requires little to no surface preparation while providing high strength and excellent fatigue endurance as well as superior toughness! Because of its black pigmentation, it's the perfect choice for use on carbon devices!

Faster. Stronger. Better

Commonly used acrylics, methyl-methacrylates, polyester and epoxies require time consuming preparation - such as gathering needed materials, measuring additives and promoters. With +PLUSERIES® cartridge adhesives you simply add new dispensing tips, pick your product choice, 25, 60 or 90 seconds and you're ready to go. It's that easy!

A Higher Degree of Performance & Ease

Are you tired of managing sticky, messy, smelly large cans of acrylic resin? So are we! Simply load a 50 or 220ml adhesive cartridge into the appropriate dispensing gun, twist off the cap, insert a static mixing tip and apply the adhesive where you need it with no dripping or running.

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