+PLUSeries 220ml 25 Second Adhesive (large)
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+PLUSeries 220ml  25 Second Adhesive (large)
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+PLUSeries 220ml Dispenser +PLUSeries 220ml Static Mixers +PLUSeries : The #1 Tool in O&P
Quantity: Single Cartridge

+PLUSeries 220ml 25 Second Adhesive (large)

+PLUSeries® 25 Second Cartridge Adhesive System is the fastest curing 2-component urethane known to be on the market. This urethane product is so fast it can often replace Cyanoacrylate “tacking” adhesives. Use this adhesive when you need your job done fast!


  • Tan color
  • High-strength
  • Structural adhesive
  • Resistant to elevated temperatures, moisture, most solvents and chemicals
  • 25 Second working time
  • 50ml and 220ml sizes

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