Volara 4E 100' Rolls
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Volara 4E 100' Rolls
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Size: 1/4”x30”x100ft roll
SKU: 4E14
Size: 1/8”x30”x150ft roll
SKU: 4E18
Size: 3/16”x30”x100ft roll
SKU: 4E36

Volara 4E 100' Rolls

Volara 4E is the workhorse foam in O&P. In all characteristics it is just like Aliplast, with a different name. Volara 4E is closed-cell, so it resists absorbing perspiration and odors. It is auto-adhesive; meaning at temperature it will stick to itself without the use of glues. It has low temperature thermoplastic molding properties at 275° F.