Disposable 4 Hole Wood Block
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Disposable 4 Hole Wood Block
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Disposable 4 Hole Wood Block
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Disposable 4 Hole Wood Block

Why Are You Still Reusing Your Old Wood Blocks?

Years ago, we watched our technicians use and reuse expensive wood blocks. What we learned as a company was very important. To reuse an expensive wood block (the intention was to maximize savings) our technicians could spend up to 20 minutes freeing a block up, then cleaning and prepping it for reuse. The time and labor involved cost us on average two times more than just using a new block, plus reusing the block exposed our technicians to the dangers of a band saw, toxic dust and fumes from cutting through glues. Also, reusing possibly damaged blocks on patients exposes companies to costly liability issues. We chose to design a very cost effective wood block that can be disposed of after it has been used once. Thus, saving us time, money and future risks.


  • Weight Limit: 300lbs. /136kg