Assembly Station
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Assembly Station
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Assembly Station
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Assembly Station

Our assembly stations are designed for pure function. Their surface is large enough to do all aspects of the assembly process with no extra area for clutter. While many people want larger surfaces, drawers, doors, frills and extras, we knows these “extras” increase decreased productivity and costs in manufacturing. That’s why we did away with them. On our stations you will find no more space than you need to work on the product. When extra room is needed, simply fold up the drop leaf while you need it and stow it when you don’t. You’ll also notice our stations have no drawers or doors you have to look through to find what you need. They stand 39” tall having 24” square top and can be made level on any surface with adjustable feet.

For additional work area requirements, a drop leaf is standard, creating a 40” x 24” work surface. Two integrated shelves provide highly visible storage for additional items The tools needed for any assembly station easily fit on the generous 22” x 36” peg board hanger. We currently operate our Orthotics assembly with 8 hand tools and prosthetics assembly with 15. By mounting the tools in this fashion all items are directly in view and at hand. Keeping the tools down on the sides also open up the lines of sight in the lab and keeps everything highly visible - no walls of tools here. We designed the station open so it can be worked at from any side. There is no front or back.


  • Steel - Wood / Assembly Station