Twin Press Rivet System
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Twin Press Rivet System
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Twin Press Rivet System
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Twin Press Rivet System

In O&P, at some time we all have to rivet a strap onto a device. The problem with CAD rivets is that they take up valuable time, are hard to keep consistent and require many hand tools. This rivet press capitalizes on the use of very inexpensive cap rivets, it punches a hole and presses the rivets perfectly each time in about 30 seconds. This saves you time and results in a consistent rivet job. Each press station is free standing heavy steel construction, and includes a hand punch and dies press with all the needed dies.

The press station also features a top mounted, built in steel divider for your most commonly used rivets. Also included and mounted on the front side is a flip forward stock storage bin.


  • Punches and Dies Included