Steel Vacuum Pulling Station
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Steel Vacuum Pulling Station
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Steel Vacuum Pulling Station
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Steel Vacuum Pulling Station

No matter what school of thought you subscribe to concerning the principles of vacuum forming plastics, one thing we are sure of is that these stands fit the bill. By design, the vertical upright forms a ½ cubic foot surge tank and extra large actuation valving gives you lightning fast high flowing vacuum with very quick recovery. This allows you to get instant vacuum on smaller jobs and serious speed assist on larger jobs. With the other surge systems on the market, if you miss the pull, the refresh rate on the surge tank is very slow and can leave you with no vacuum at all. That’s why we experimented until we found the perfect balance of surge assist with fast refresh rates so you are never without vacuum when you need it.

Using our philosophy of lean fabrication and total quality management, we developed these freestanding pulling stands. Like all of our fabrication stands, these are ultra strong. With this high performing solid welded steel constructed system we integrated holders for the tools needed to do the job. As with all our tools we built these to last a lifetime and add value through time savings and waste reduction.

Finish Options:

  • CAD Plated
  • Powder Coated
  • Many Color Options