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ContexGel.sleeve | S – XXXL | Sand-colored

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The ContexGel.sleeve is a knee sleeve or sealing cap that functions as a holding bandage on the one hand and prevents air penetration on the other. Together with the exhaust valve, it holds the prosthetic leg firmly to the user’s residual limb.

Sizing: ContexGel Knee Sleeves are available in 6 sizes. If possible, please position the sleeve with its middle towards the knee joint. Also, measure the distal socket circumference and the proximal thigh circumference (approx. 15 cm above the centre of the knee joint). This will determine the optimal size of the knee sleeve.

Size Distal Proximal Length Item Number
S 15-23 cm 23-35 cm 37 cm 30L10/S
M 21-31 cm 29-44 cm 37 cm 30L10/M
L 28-43 cm 36-52 cm 38.5 cm 30L10/L
XL 34-48 cm 42-58 cm 38.5 cm 30L10/XL
XXL 38-52 cm 43-64 cm 38.5 cm 30L10/XXL
XXXL 42-56 cm 50-70 cm 38.5 cm 30L10/XXXL

Wide size range

The right knee sleeve for every residual limb size: Depending on the user’s requirements, two different colours (anthracite or sand) and six different sizes (S – XXXL) are available. Smaller sizes can also be used as a holding bandage in arm prosthetics. The ContexGel.sleeve has a conical shape and a wall thickness of 3 mm.

The products are suitable in combination with the vacuum socket technology (VST) for below knee prostheses.

One knee sleeve, many benefits

The advantage of our knee sleeves: the innovative circular knitting technique of the cover. This means that the ContexGel.sleeves do not require any lateral seams and are much more durable and hard-wearing! The cover is easy to unroll and yet robust. The satin finish at the inner knee area prevents a feeling of tension at the knee joint, thus contributing to wearing comfort.

Due to the excellent radial stretch, the ContexGel.sleeve adapts ideally to the anatomy of the socket and the user.

Practical: The ContexGel.sleeves are suitable for short-term use in salt and chlorinated water.

Good to know: The ContexGel.sleeves are mouldable at 60 °C and can thus be optimally adapted!


Knee sleeves lie directly on the sensitive skin on the thighs, which is why we use high-quality materials and an antibacterial finish in production. This technology limits the recolonisation of bacteria and microorganisms.

The polymer gels used are very soft and comfortable for patients to wear. White mineral oils nourish the skin and retain moisture.

Cleaning the knee sleeves regularly is crucial for optimal hygiene. You will find suitable care products in our product range, such as the Skin Care Wash Lotion.

Product details

Designated use

  • ContexGel-Knee Sleeves are suitable for below-knee amputees as knee holding support or as sealing cap for vacuum-socket technology (VST)
  • additional guidance for the knee and stabilisation for short prostheses
  • smaller sizes are used as holding supports in arm prosthetics


  • thermoplastic mouldable at 60 °C (140 °F)
  • satinised knee area prevents tension sensations in the knee joint area
  • for optimal adhesion in the distal and proximal area
  • soft, one-piece knitted cover for easily rolling the knee sleeve up or down
  • minimisation of the elongation by outer matrix in the distal and proximal area
  • excellent circular expansion adjusts to the socket- and user’s anatomy
  • product recommendation additionally for vacuum-socket technology (VST)


  • wall thickness: 3 mm uniform, conical shape
  • soft ContexGel with medical white oil, antibacterially fitted
  • abrasion-proof, one-piece knit cover made of polyamide/elastane
  • approx. 25 – 30 Shore 00

• 3 months



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