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LimbAir™ Adjustable Socket Interface System

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  • Installs on pre-existing sockets in minutes!
  • Adjustments are made without removal of the prosthesis or clothing.
  • Easily loosen prothesis when at rest – Or easily tighten prothesis when engaging in highly dynamic activities.
  • Eliminates the need to carry additional socks.
  • Extends the useful life of socket.
  • Eliminates pressure hotspots
  • Improve limb health
  • Improve comfort and gait

L-CODES: L5646, L5648



Hand activated air bladder system allows for on-the-fly socket volume adjustments.

Improve amputee comfort, health, and quality of life. Reduces office visits and medical expenses.

For those that experience routine daily limb volume changes, the system enables positive or negative volume compensation through manual inflation or deflation of an internal air bladder.

Adjustments are made without removal of the prosthesis and can easily be done in a tactile manner through clothing.

Given the ease to discretely release pressure beneath clothing, the system allows amputees to maximize time at low pressure when a tight fit is not required in order to facilitate comfort and general limb health.

Additionally, the system is beneficial to highly active individuals that require a secure fit while engaged in dynamic activities requiring maximum coupling between the limb and prosthesis.

For many users the system eliminates the need to carry additional socks as the range of volume compensation is equivalent to ~5-7 sock plies.

The purpose is to improve amputee comfort, health and quality of life resulting in a reduction office visits and medical expenses.



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