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Neuromuscular Fitting Kit (200mm/250mm)

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Item Number: TPFK200/TPFK250 Categories: ,

When building a custom device, it’s always nice to have options. That’s why we created the PDE Fitting Kit.

The Fitting Kit includes a full range of spring categories and assembly components a which allows you to try different options on your patient until you find the perfect fit!

Then just replace the the parts that get used so you always have a full set of springs & hardware.

Fit Kit Contents:

  • Spring 1-5 categories in 200mm or 250mm length for neuromuscular conditions
  • Anchor Bar Kit designed for thermoplastic manufacturing (1ea)-TPAK-1
  • Coated Anchor Bar Kit designed for composite construction (1ea)-TPAK-3
  • Adjustment Shim Kit (1ea)
  • 60SS Adhesive (1ea)
  • G50 Adhesive Dispensing Gun (1ea)

Note: Supplied Anchor bars are for thermoplastic and composite designed devices.


PDE Neuromuscular Fitting Kit Parts List.pdf

PDE Neuromuscular Fitting Kit Instructions.pdf

PDE Anchor Kit Compatibility Chart.pdf

PDE Neuromuscular Adult 200mm | Info & Instructions.pdf

PDE Neuromuscular Adult 250mm | Info & Instructions.pdf




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