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Power Mixer Tip

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“How is it so short? Don’t you need a lot more mixer elements to get proper mixing?”

The Power Mixer is the only mixer to achieve higher-dimensional folding across each element. While current square and helical mixers produce 16 striations after 3 elements, The Power Mixer boasts 1,556 striations in that same distance. This redefines the concept of “required elements” and allows the Power Mixer to provide optimal mixing in significantly shorter distances.


Check out our new Power Mixers for our large sized adhesives! Half the size of our current mixing tips, 75% less waste and work great! Available NOW!

Available in:

  • 6 – with one re-usable retaining nut
  • 72 – with two re-usable retaining nuts
  • 144 count – with three re-usable retaining nuts



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