New PDE Kids! Free mounting springs with each order. Welcome to Fabtech Systems, LLC. Everett, Washington USA a next generation prosthetic and orthotic fabrication services company. We are a practitioner / technician-owned private company not affiliated with a large parent corporation. This means we can provide a unique, customized experience for our clients. By implementing lean manufacturing and total quality management theories we keep our prices low and eliminate wasteful procedures. Fabtech develops and distributes our own line of manufacturing technologies: +PLUSeries Adhesives, Restech Epoxy Lamination System, Reaktiv Bracing built with PDE and more - all designed to save you time and money.
Make more possible with Fabtech.

Latest News

NEW PDE Pediatric Modular Springs for Neuromuscular Bracing

Modular, Adjustable, Dynamic: Designed as modular, adjustable and easy to use. New 175mm PDE Pediatric Neuromuscular Springs – available in 5 categories of stiffness are a perfect solution...
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New! Fabtech Systems Epoxy Meter Mixer

Faster. Cleaner. Better. Prosthetic and orthotic manufacturing requires, mixing resins and laminating devices as a daily occurrence. The traditional way of mixing resins involves pouring resin from...
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PDE Product Updates Jan 2019

The Posterior Dynamic Element (PDE™) Modular Composite Spring System January 2019 Product Updates: PDE Modular Spring System by Fabtech Systems. 1. New and improved Universal BOA Closure...
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