Orthopedic Spring Technology

Take the guesswork out of building dynamic carbon braces with PDETM—a modular composite spring system technology, specifically designed for weight offloading.


Reaktiv Braces built by Fabtech help patients regain their freedom, achieve personal and professional goals, return to active lifestyles and, most importantly, reduce or end their pain.

  • 9 Flex Spring Choices
  • Modular Design
  • Low Profile
  • Post Alignable
  • Clinically Proven
  • Made in the USA



Walk with greater fluency and stability


Participate in higher intensity activities such as running


Swap the PDE spring stiffness and rebound to alter walking mechanics


Swap the PDE spring stiffness and rebound depending on the activity


Adjust the ankle alignment of the device depending on the shoe heal height


Change the ankle alignment of the device depending on the activity


Change the fit of the upper cuff on demand, anywhere, anytime


Fabricating a brace using Fabtech’s PDE spring technology involves industry-standard methods used for composite brace fabrication. If you are versed in fabricating laminated prosthetics or orthotic devices, then you can easily make a composite brace—built With PDE springs.

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PDE Reaktiv Brace Casting Training

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PDE Brace Fabrication Training


CFAB Services Don’t want to make your own brace?

As the inventor of PDE springs and world leader in this technology, Fabtech’s CFAB team offers you and your team the competence to do it right.

Some providers may only see one patient a year utilizing this technology, others more. Fabtech provides thousands of these braces a year and our knowledge and expertise are unmatched.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT SPRING Guidelines for Choosing PDE Spring Lengths


Because every patient has unique needs there are no specific weight limitations that aid in spring choice. Choose the category based on your patient assessment. As a general rule you want to use the longest spring system your cuff design or patient height will allow. In an Orthopedic case where you are trying to control and limit motion to control pain, we recommend using a higher category spring in the beginning.

200mm length springs

A good choice for shorter patients or when maximum PTB unloading is desired, as the largest area cuff can be utilized.

250mm length springs

Fits the averaged sized population well and can be used with the PTB cuff design and anterior cuff design.

300mm length springs

Generally used with tall patients, or when wanting to provide a small anterior cuff design as common with the IDEO designs.



Category number three (3) spring are the most common selection and a great to start your evaluation. From here, up/down spring category is based on what works best for the patient. Our simple four bolt system makes changing the spring quick and easy.

Recommendation: PDE Fitting Kit

Clinicians, technicians, and orthotists. Use our tested and proven modular spring system to build the most adaptable, dynamic carbon braces for your patients. Our technology—in your capable hands.


PDE RevoFit2 Closure, Anchor & Shim Kits

Part # Description
PAK-1Anchor Fabrication Kit (anchors, hardware, tooling)
PAK-2HDHeavy Duty Anchor Fabrication Kit (anchors, hardware, tooling)
PBOA3RevoFit™ Lamination Kit w/ Click™ Reel System
PAS34 Piece shim set for PDE post alignment
PASFFlexion alignment shims (2ea)
PASRRotational alignment shims (2ea)
PASHComplete Shim Hardware

Carbon Tape / Epoxy Resin / Casting Tool

Part # Description Size
CT6-1FR12K Carbon Fiber Tape - Unfinished Edge6" x 10 Feet
CT6-5FR12K Carbon Fiber Tape - Unfinished Edge6" x 50 Feet
RES3.0Advanced Epoxy Resin Kits3 Liters
CT100Reaktiv / PDE Casting Tool8" x 18"

Promotional Diagnostic Fitting Kits - Limited Time Offer

Part # Description Size
FK200PDE Fit Kit 200mm5 PDE Springs (1 - 5 category) Anchor kit, RevoFit™ Lamination Kit w/ Click™ Reel System, Shim set, Adhesive dispenser and adhesive
FK250PDE Fit Kit 250mm5 PDE Springs (1 - 5 category) Anchor kit, RevoFit™ Lamination Kit w/ Click™ Reel System, Shim set, Adhesive dispenser and adhesive
FK300PDE Fit Kit 300mm5 PDE Springs (1 - 5 category) Anchor kit, RevoFit™ Lamination Kit w/ Click™ Reel System, Shim set, Adhesive dispenser and adhesive

Anchor Kit Compatibility Chart

Wondering what anchor kit is right for you?

Use our guide to help you select the right anchor kit for your PDE spring.


CHOOSING THE RIGHT SHOE Basic Guidelines for Choosing Shoes

Ideal shoe: 3/8” Soft cushioned heel, Soft sticky tread, Minimum 1⁄2” toe rocker, Wide toe box

  • Your patient will need to buy new shoes to fit over the Brace. DO NOT use old, worn-out shoes.
  • We find a shoe size larger and wider works best.
  • Ideally have your patient buy shoes after they receive the brace.
  • Look for shoes with laces that reach down as far to the toes as possible and shoes that are deep and have adequate width to accommodate the brace thickness.
  • The shoes do not need to be expensive; ordinary tennis shoes work best. Sketchers brand have been very successful with our customers.

Fabtech Systems warrants the PDE products to be free of any manufacturing or workmanship defects for Six (6) months from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover failure caused by erroneous application, custom fabrication done to customer specification, improper storage, or intentional misuse or brace designs outside the original stated design parameters.

Fabtech Systems at its discretion will replace or repair any of its products that meet this warranty. The replacement or repair of the defective product is the exclusive remedy; liability does not extend to any other damages, incidental, consequential or otherwise.



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