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Easy Edge Composite Sealer

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Easy Edge™ Sealer
Perfect for composite laminate edges:
Fabtech EasyEdge Composite Sealer/ Activator is specifically formulated to deliver exceptional results when edging S laminated composite structures.
Higher degree of Safety:
Easy Edge Composite Sealer addresses the special demands placed on P&O composite device manufacturing by greatly reducing or eliminating the need for sophisticated ventilation systems as required by other instant adhesives.
Perfect Viscosity:
Easy Edge Composite Sealer has a perfect flowing viscosity of 1000cps. This viscosity is ideal for laminated composite structures. It allows the product to flow into and penetrate exposed fibers and spaces on an unfinished composite edge, thereby allowing the edge to be sanded glass smooth in appearance and feel. This balanced viscosity — combined with its other features — is what separates Easy Edge from store and hobby shop instant adhesives.
Note: When comparing viscosity, Easy Edge is comparable to easy flowing Castrol oil, and common super glue is thick and slow like honey with a cps measurement of 10,000.
No Hazy Residue:
Easy Edge Composite Sealer’s no bloom characteristics make it an ideal choice for finishing expensive composite medical device edges. This non-blooming formula also means no nasty chemical odors typically associated with the off-the-shelf brands. Note: “Bloom” is a technical term for a white, frosting haze or residue left behind by most other instant adhesives. This bloom residue is nearly impossible to remove since it is bonded to the product.
Incredibly Fast:
When used with Easy Edge Activator cure times are 10 to 15 seconds.


Virtually no smell
No “blooming” residue
10 to 15 second cure time
Penetrating viscosity
Professional edge quality

Sold each.
Set Time: 10-15 seconds
Color: Clear



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